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I just made the appointment for my next relaxer touch up for a week from today and I'm excited. I've also made a few hair related decisions recently that will effect my over all hair journey. I've decided I'm probably not going to be doing "as long as I can" stretches any time soon because my calendar is dictating that I get a touch up every 12 weeks or so in order to avoid looking crazy at future important events. This change will mean I'll probably get 2 more relaxers before the end of this year, with the last being in late December. Even though my stretches will not be as prolonged as they could, I'm still really happy with the transition I've made to stretching my relaxers from every 6 weeks to double that amount of time. And there is always the possibility for a longer stretch at the beginning of next year, even though I find stretching during winter months to be a completely different beast than managing a stretch through summer.

I've also decided what my ultimate length goal is, and I hope I'll be close to it by the end of this year. After looking at several pictures of other long hair ladies, I realized for me anything more than arm-pit length is just too much hair. I have a much longer neck and torso than the average woman so even arm-pit length hair is going to be a lot, but its a length I think I'll be able to manage. Based on where my hair is right now, pre-relaxer touch up, my ends rest on my collar bone, in front and are just slightly longer in the back. I'm guessing once my new growth is relaxed and ends trimmed my ends will rest about an inch past my collar bone. That means I'll need about 3 more inches of growth to reach my length goal and I think I can do it by the end of the year. That's exciting too!

Lastly, I've decided to henna my hair for the first time during this next stretch, most likely at about 6 weeks. I've been wanting to color my hair for some time, but I've been really worried about the affects of chemical color. So I think a henna treatment will give me the slight hint of tone change I'm looking for without the double process of a traditional color. As a matter of fact henna can be a strengthening treatment as it acts much like a protein. The excitement abounds!

I've been bunning my hair for the last 2 weeks trying to give my ends a break from air exposed braid-outs. But I realized today in order to prep for my relaxer touch up I really need to stop manipulating my edges so much as they are problem area when it comes to burning. So I'll probably be back in a braid-out after my relaxer prep wash which I'll do over the weekend. I made the mistake of doing my prep-wash too close to my appointment the last time, I won't make that mistake again.

Coming up on Relaxed Redefined a review of Black Tea Rinses and Hairveda's "New" Whipped Ends Cream.
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