Welcome to Relaxed Redefined ~ a better, healthier way to care for chemically relaxed hair. This is a personal hair journal created to share easy, do-at-home tips and techniques that have made my hair stronger and longer. I hope you'll learn something here that will enhance your healthy hair journey or better yet insprire you to start one. Happy Hair Growting!


Ingredients Dictionary

Thanks to a tip from my BFF I found an excellent resource for deciphering hair and beauty product ingredients. As it's my goal to keep my hair products as natural as possible or at least as non-detrimental as possible, being able to find out what exactly Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride is with just the click of a mouse is a revelation (its a conditioning agent by the way)! tightlycurly.com is website created by natural hair beauty Teri, in addition to creating a great website with tons of useful information on caring for curly hair, she also took the time to create the amazing resource that is her Ingredients Dictionary. Pick up a hair product, any hair product and go ingredient by ingredient learning the real meanings behind all the scientific mumbo-jumbo beauty companies list on their labels. Using this dictionary showed me that a non-natural product I've thought about trying isn't as bad for my hair as I thought it would be. This site is educational, easy to use and all around awesome, 4-stars to Teri for taking the time to create such a useful tool!


Almost There

I am one week away from my relaxer touch up and I'm so glad! For the most part this relaxer stretch hasn't been particularly hard, its just seemed very long. It probably has something to do with it being December and waiting for Christmas, I guess my touch-up has just been one more thing to wait for. But I'm almost there and I'll be doing my relaxer prep wash and protein treatment this weekend to get prepared.

On Sunday I will start with a pre-poo of Vatika Frosting and VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie, then move on to clarifying with Shea Moisture Shea Butter Shampoo, next the protein treatment, Colorful's Neutral Protein Filler combined with Giovanni Nutrafix Reconstructor and finally I'll use Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioner mixed with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose for moisture. I've had the remainder of that Jessicurl conditioner forever and I just need to get it used up.

My scalp has been doing much better over this stretch as I've had minimal flare ups of my dermatitis so I'm hoping that will mean little to no irritation during the relaxer process. I also found a relaxer that I'd like to switch to rather than having my stylist use Affirm., its called Syntonics and its also made by Avalon (which makes Affirm). But it requires a professional license to purchase so I haven't been able to get my hands on any. I asked my stylist to look into it for me and she is working on it. I don't want to be bootleg and buy it off eBay, but I will if I have to, lol. If she doesn't find it in time for this touch up, I will go ahead and get it from eBay for my next one. Even though I've already decided I'm going to try to do a long term stretch to start off the new year, so I'm not sure when my next touch up will be. I just want to get to next week and enjoy the ease of caring for freshly relaxed hair and wearing my hair out for a while over the holidays, it will all be a welcomed change.


Quick Wash

Last night was wash night but time got away from me and before I knew it the clock said 8:30 and I hadn't even started on my hair yet. So I had to make it a quick one. When I only have time for a basic cleanse and condition (no pre-poos, treatments or deep conditioning) I turn to my trusty Hairveda Amala Cream Rinse and Acai Berry Phyto conditioner. I started by running my wide tooth comb through the length of my hair for a quick detangle and to remove shed hairs. I then went straight to the kitchen sink (too lazy for a shower) and thoroughly rinsed before using the Amala Cream Rinse to cleanse, as usual it left my hair feeling soft and clean. A quick towel dry to remove excess water before adding Acai Berry Phyto conditioner in sections and combing through. Even though I was pressed for time I did let the conditioner sit under a plastic cap for about 15 minutes while I switched around the laundry and let my husband make fun of me calling me "crinkle cap girl." Then it was back to the sink to detangle under the spray stream, my final step was an aloe vera rinse (6 oz aloe vera juice and 6 oz distilled water), which always leaves my hair feeling smooth and silky. The whole process took about 35 minutes, which wasn't too bad. However, I still had to apply and comb through my leave in conditioners which took about 20 minutes more, my final step of the night was applying Hairveda Whipped Jelly to my edges and tying down my damp hair with a scarf to air dry over night. My hair was only slightly damp this morning and running late barely gave me enough time to get it into a bun before rushing out the door. My new growth is something else right now so I will have to give it the extra attention it missed during my next  wash over the weekend.
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