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Update: Solving the Mystery of My Thin Relaxed Ends

Well I did it. Or more precisely my stylist did it, cut a little more than 2 inches from my ends. But she wasn't happy about it. My stylist is the complete opposite of scissor-happy, she hates to cut hair especially if its long. So I had to beg and plead with her to cut as much as she did. I know I could have taken the ends off in stages, a half inch at a time. But I'd rather just rip the band-aid off quickly and get it over with. So that's what we did, and I'm happy with the end result. My ends look and feel a ton better, and even though she didn't want to cut it, my stylist agreed it was needed. But I know I'll have to be careful going forward so I don't end up needing such a drastic cut again. There is still a little more that needs to come off, so I probably won't gain any length from my new growth a my next relaxer touch-up in about 4 weeks. But after that I'll be totally weak-end free and I will be sure to keep up with regular dusting to stay out of the weak-end zone.

Before the cut I was grazing APL, but with those ends, it wasn't anything to be proud of.
After the cut I'm just past shoulder length, but my ends look full and healthy.

My hair from the floor, its gone bye-bye now.

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