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How Long Is Your Wash Process?

Since I'm currently sitting with conditioner on under a plastic cap, I thought what better time to do a quick post about how long my wash process actually takes? I try to keep the entire process--from pre-poo to tying down with a scarf--under an hour and a half, but sometimes it can go a little longer. And that's not even including any extra styling.

Tonight I'm trying to keep it short:

  • applied pre-poo on dry hair and let sit, about 10 minutes
  • thoroughly rinsed, shampooed and massaged scalp, about 10 minutes
  • towel dried, sectioned and applied conditioner, about 10 minutes--yes just for application
  • let conditioner sit under plastic cap wrapped in a warm towel, about 20 minutes
    ~Since I'm on that step right now, here's what comes next~
  • final rinse, detangle and apply ACV rinse, about 5 minutes
  • apply leave-in conditioners, comb through, seal and tie down edges with satin scarf, about 30 minutes
That totals about 1 hour and 25 minutes and that's a pretty average wash night for me. When I wash in the shower, its much faster because I can't spend an hour and a half in the shower! But I haven't had the opportunity to wash in the shower for a while--I'm hoping to do that over the weekend.

Does that seem too long? How long is your wash process?

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